Dislocations #03: Mobility, Space and Ageing

In November 2015 the third and final seminar in a series initiated by Atelier Tussenruimte took place: Dislocations #03 - Mobility, Space and Ageing. Speakers were: Paul Vermeulen, Rian Cutter and Bert van Kesteren. Dislocations #03 was a seminar about tapering cities and rural aging , mobility as a condition for sustainable quality of life. Read more.

West-Brabant: towards an energy-neutral region

Atelier Tussenruimte participates in a design study commissioned by Regio West-Brabant with LOLA Landscape Architects and Studio Marco Vermeulen. Aim of the research is to update, focalize and visualise the region's current spatial agenda concerning energy and space.

Dynamic and Bustling Railway Zone Den Bosch

Atelier Tussenruimte contributes to the realization of a number of future-proof spatial designs in the railway zone of Den Bosch initiated by VIBA Expo, service institute for sustainable development. Sustainability in the built and green environment play a central in the project.

Dislocations #01: Mobility, Space and Seniors

Atelier Tussenruimte - in association with the Province of North Brabant - organizes a series of seminars called Dislocations. Aim of these workshops is to explore the spatial consequences and opportunities of contemporary social developments. In February 2015 the first seminar took place. A multidisciplinary crowd of participants considered the potential of: Space, Mobility and Seniors... Read more

Dislocations #02: Mobility, Space, Sharing Economy

In March 2015 the second seminar in a series that is initiated by Atelier Tussenruimte took place: Dislocations #02 - Mobility, Space and the Sharing Economy. Participants from a variety of disciplines were challenged to consider the opportunities and potentials of emerging sharing platforms. A reconnaissance of contemporary phenomena like deprofessionalisation and decentralization: eating out at a home cook in your local neighbourhood, camping in someone's backyard... Read more

Highway Bathhouse

The Highway Bathhouse, developed by Atelier Tussenruimte for the 'Mijn Mooi Brabant' (My Beautiful Brabant) program of the province of North Brabant, has been officially selected as one of the fifteen projects to realize. Sustainability and the integration of contemporary green technology play a important role in the building's development... Read more

Mijn Mooi Brabant at the Dutch Design Week

Atelier Tussenruimte designs the exhibition that represents Mijn Mooi Brabant at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven from October 18 to 26. The presentation is part of the Social Design Garden of the province of North Brabant in Hall C of the Klokgebouw... Read more

Spatial Opportunity Map

Atelier Tussenruimte was commissioned by InnovA58 to developed a methodology for the composition and use of a Spatial Opportunity Map. The aim of the map is to link innovative products and services to the actual route of the A58 motorway when it is being renovated in the near future... Read more

Service Station

In March and April 2014 Atelier Tussenruimte took part in the Grenswerte exhibition with the project Service Station. Our exhibition entry consisted of a sign in the public domain surrounding Kloster Bentlage in Rheine (Germany) and a model that was on show inside the main building of the former monastery... Read more

Hacking the Highway Reserve

In January 2014 Atelier Tussenruimte organized the winter workshop Hacking the Highway Reserve in collaboration with MA + U (Masters of Architecture and Urbanism, Fontys Tilburg) and the province of North Brabant. During three design sessions and two evenings of public debate the participants questioned and examined the relationship between two phenomena: the motorway and spatial quality... Read more

Public Property

Atelier Tussenruimte strives to contribute to the realization of a high-quality public space and public domain in an innovative and creative fashion. We aim to promote a future-proof and sustainable use of these environments through the use of imagination, craftsmanship and innovation.